The need of strategy and consulting

Clarity is important. No matter what your target is. A digital strategy creates a vision and sets the direction. We have consulted businesses to define their goals and created impactful strategies.

A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.– Martin Leblanc

Detailed Documentation

We start this process with some questions about your website goals, your vision. After our review process, we collate everything in a neat, readable document.

Review Meeting

A well-defined strategy document will not be fruitful until it is explained. We set up a short review call with you based on your availability and try to answer all your queries.

Trusted Process

Your audit becomes a random exercise if not followed by a process. We maintain a systematic checklist and agenda to come up with compelling strategy.

Thorough Audit with Recommendations

The audit is not about finding the odds. It is also about finding the positive things already present in your website. We create a concise list of recommendations that help you take the decision.

Website Audit and Consulting

A website audit is a comprehensive review of your website. We study your website's code, configurations, SEO, etc to understand where it stands. We create a detailed audit report which has suggestions aligned with your business goals.

Customized Website Review

We don't dump insights generated from the software, white-label it, and send it to you. A manual, thorough website and SEO study is performed to give you a customized report.

Provide Recommendations

Our report does not consist of errors on your current site. We have our checklist ready. Our team follows it to come up with improvements and pens down in the document.

Detailed Documentation

We start this process with some questions about your website goals, your vision. After our review, we collate everything in a neat, readable document. It acts as your guide to succeed online.

Followed by Trusted and Verified Process

Our audit report is based on the research conducted at the time of the website review. We have witnessed quite a few success stories. And hence the process we follow is trusted.

UX Analysis and Strategy

If you don't know who your user is and what they want, you can't sell your service or product. UX analysis lets you uncover these issues from your website.

Provide High Level Recommendations

After understanding your business goal and review, our team creates a document explaining current issues and recommendations.

Methods to Increase Conversion Rate

The website's primary agenda is to convert visitors into customers. Our analysis suggests areas where we can improve UX and increase the conversion rate.

100% Exclusive

We understand your data privacy. And hence all the information gathered while the audit is kept safe and 100% secure.

Research Driven

We understand your data privacy. And hence all the information gathered while the audit is kept safe and 100% secure. The audit document is also exclusive to you.

Website Content Strategy

Our strategists collect the information, analyze it and come up with compelling content ideas. A successful content strategy is the one that represents the brand, meet business goals, and customer expectations.

Perform Competitor Analysis

If you don't understand your competitor's content, it is difficult to identify what works best. We perform an in-depth study of your competitor's website and gather a list of ideas of various content types.

Generate Gap Analysis

We study your existing website's content and come up with issues and gaps identified.

A Walkthough Call

We set up a short review meeting to help you understand the strategy document. It's a good connection for you to clear your doubts and solve them.

Increased ROI

Along with recommendations and other analysis, we also suggest techniques. This can help you achieve a good ROI.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Reaching out to a broader audience is essential in today's world. Every brand is ready to capture one's attention. We help you build a sustainable marketing strategy which to reach out to the masses.

Audit Current State

Before we develop our plan, we perform a detailed audit of your existing website and marketing done so far. It is always good to know where we are and also sets the direction ahead.

Competitor Analysis

It is equally important to understand what our competitors are doing. It can help in various ways, such as content types they use and social media.

Documented Marketing Plan

After our findings and home-work, we create a neat and clean, well-documented plan. This document acts as a guide to you to achieve your business goals.

1-1 Review

To prepare the next action items for better digital reach, we arrange a personal review call. We go over the findings and suggestions listed in the document and resolve all your queries.