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New generation websites by new generation designers.
For new generation entrepreneurs..

With latest technologies & design trends!

Responsive, User-Friendly Design

We create web-sites which can easily adapt screen resolution of any device, no matter which device you or your customers are using. Responsive is the modern way for a mobile-friendly website.

You control your website

As an owner of the website, you should have control to update content / images of your website anytime. We provide CMS website solution where you can do it easily.

Quick Web Development

Generally web design & development takes months to complete. But, with our solutions, your website will be ready in few days.

Modern Designs

Creativity, Innovation and Dedication can not be achieved by force. But we are Developers by Choice and all these qualities are our USPs.

Search Engine Friendly

We develop websites that are search engine friendly. We use proper HTML 5 tags so that your website will be optimized for search engine.

Smart UI / UX

Whether it's a single scroll website, or a functionally loaded application; we empower our clients by giving them rich & smart UI / UX.

Faster Websites

We develop website & web pages that are optimized for the speed. Our websites load faster, run smoother & perform better.

Editable Content

With our CMS website solution, you can easily add, update or delete content from your website. You won't need any coding knowledge!

Static Website

A perfect mobile-ready business website in HTML5 and CSS3. A perfect solution if you don't need to update content of the website after publishing it online.

Dynamic Website (CMS)

Perfect solution for a business website where you need control over content of the website. Add, update or delete content & images of website.

Blogging Website

Solution for a personal or business blogging. Perfect solution if you are looking better user experience at your blog & better SEO results for business.

Custom Website

We create all type of dynamic websites & database driven web applications. ‘Salt Technologies’ is a top class web development company in Pune.

Startup Website

We have perfect solution for statups & SMEs with static & dynamic websites. We build websites that would impress your clients as well as investors.

Business + Blog

If you need a business website + blog, we provide a great solution with WordPress platform. Website that can impress anyone, blog that readers will love.

Web Developer in Pune

Website Design & Development

With latest technologies in the market. In Pune & all over India.

HTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery

'Salt Technologies’ has excellent talent from Pune in all latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AngularJs, Backbone.js etc to make your website awesome & user-friendly.


At Salt, we have small but very productive team of PHP & MySQL experts. We also work on other server side technologies like Node.js, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB etc.

We have expert web developers in Pune who are experts in WordPress & other frameworks. WordPress is leading PHP framework and over 60 million websites are powered by it.

‘Salt Technologies’ is one of the top website design companies in India, based in Pune and delivering smart websites all over the world. We work on every pixel of web designing and UI / UX. We believe in smarter web design. We design only good looking websites.

We work on every single functionality of dynamic web development and database driven web applications. ‘Salt Technologies’ believes in smart & fast web applications with ease of use for end user & business owner. We produce reliable & fast websites that can maximize conversion rate for you.

We do online marketing & search engine optimization. Online marketing covers SEO, Facebook advertising, Google Adwords advertising, email campaigns. No matter what is the project, we help you in setting up sensible marketing programs. We love to make our clients successful.

We also work on complete product development starting from logo design to online & social marketing. Complete product development needs continuous design & development even after going live. We might need to make runtime changes according to user experience issues as-well.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work!

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Website Design Company in Pune, India

Website Design, Development, Search Engine Optimization & more...

  • Responsive Websites

    Responsive website is most important factor now a days. More than 40% people search for anything on mobile first. We design & develop fully responsive websites that are mobile & tablet ready. We use CSS frameworks like Bootstrap & Foundation in combination with HTML5 & CSS3 to create responsive websites.

  • Latest Typography

    Typography is another important factor that makes huge impact on website design & its look. We create websites that use web fonts so that it looks same on all platforms & all devices. Good looking fonts in combination with icons, SVGs & white spaces make an awesome website that can impress your end user.

  • Better Navigation

    Better navigation on website gives better user experience. This also impacts overall time that user spends on your website & search results on search engines like Google. Better the navigation, easier it is to find useful information on any website. We develop websites that have better navigation system.

  • Lighter Websites

    All above mentioned features can make your website heavy. This can slow down your website speed and make it a very irritating experience for end user. We create websites that take all above features in consideration ans also make it very light & fast. We optimize the complete website so that end user gets a better experience.

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Web design & development company grounded in India while born in Pune.