Business Website Development

A website with poor user experience, slow page speed, and non-responsiveness will not attract visitors.

With over eight years of experience developing business websites, Salt Technologies creates high performing websites for many industries. We help our customers in all aspects, such as strategy, design, development, and marketing, to deliver better results.

Leave website worries to experts
& focus on your core business functions.

Website Redesign

With a persistent focus on visitor's needs & insights gathered from your existing website, we design websites that solve your pain points, grow exponentially & create a new identity.

WordPress Development

Marketing teams find it challenging to maintain website content. Building a website with a CMS like WordPress makes it easy. They can easily manage/update content on the site.

Enterprise Website Development

Due to complex workflows & confusing navigations, enterprise websites may not work as intended even though they are of reputed brands. With the right skill set & strategy, we deliver such complex sites.

Product Website Development

Product websites need a different approach than service websites. User experience and sales go together for product websites. We streamline business and user needs to deliver websites that drive more revenue.

Web Application Development

Web applications are dynamic. The architecture can create problems if not setup the right way. Web apps usually consist of complicated algorithms, database operations, and heavy dynamic content.

With our team of experts and strategic approach, we develop robust web applications that are simple to use and scalable.

Let us Build Your Website.

Get your website built from scratch with a research-driven approach. We will work on UX, UI, content strategy & web development.

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Let us Manage Your Website.

Choose us as your extended technical team to develop, improve, secure, manage your website in a progressive model.

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Custom WordPress Development

Lack of support, slow speed & security are significant concerns when you buy a readymade template. Our team has worked on WordPress CMS and built websites from scratch, ensuring speed, security, & SEO.

eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce websites need a lot more than just design. Product search, payment gateway, order management, etc. need extra care. We build an experience that converts visitors into buyers.

WordPress Theme Development

We understand that every aspect of the website and your need to build a unique website. At Salt, we have the experience of producing a custom theme you can use to create your website.

Custom Web Applications

People often struggle to find the right technology for their complex applications. Due to its MVC nature, Laravel makes things easy to make application structured and well organized.

Let's have a word to understand how we can help you in improving your website. Just drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Strategy & Consulting

It is always a good practice to consult an experienced person or company when in doubt. It is the best business sense.

We help companies set up their online infrastructure needed to go digital and elevate further. Our services include selecting hosting, consulting on existing websites and SEO audits, competitor analysis, and ongoing marketing.

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Website Audit & Consulting

Your website may have problems such as old static website, poor SEO, slow page speed. Our specialized audit service performs a thorough analysis and gives recommendations for improvement.

UX Analysis & Strategy

One possibility of not converting the prospect is that your website is not created for users. Our consultants review your website and come up with all the pros and cons.

Website Content Strategy

Content first or design first? It is a standard dilemma in the minds of marketers. Our content strategist solves this confusion by focusing more on content guidelines. The design will follow.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Audiences are surrounded by marketing content. And to be able to stand out from the competition, you need a clear messaging. Our strategists develop a compelling strategy to create content that is made for users and their needs.

Digital Marketing

Even struggled, how can you do marketing based on data and user's needs? The solution is to have a strategy, roadmap, and an agile team along with tools to support the ecosystem.

Since digital marketing is an ongoing process, our team can work as an extended team to deliver results.

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Search Engine Optimization

Your website won't generate leads if the content is not meant for its users. Our SEO analysts prepare a strategy that is for users, updated with recent algorithm changes and clear in communication.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is changing fast, making it challenging to gain excellent visibility. However, businesses need to adapt to the situation. We curate compelling copy for social media using data-driven techniques.

Email Marketing

Even if you receive hundreds of emails daily, you get hooked by a few who have the right subject and email copy. We help you create emailers that have a high click and open rates.

Content Marketing

Content's success is not measured by its goodness. But how much traction it has generated. We can make this happen using our content marketing techniques.