Get the most out of your business website.

As a website design company, we build a business website to perform your job at its best. It will work for you 24*7 with the same dedication & enthusiasm.

Websites promote you 24 / 7.
No employee will do that.– Paul Cookson

Lightning Fast

We think about the speed at an early stage, reducing images and external scripts. Your visitors don't have to wait long to see your offerings.

Highly Secured

We have a multi-tier security mechanism enabled at various places on your website. We also perform regular security audits to assess potential threats.

Mobile Ready

Responsive websites get better visibility on search engines. It serves a good user experience. We create a seamless experience for phones and tablets.

Search Engine Friendly

The good looking website may not give you business, but SEO friendly websites do. We build websites that have better search engine visibility.

Generate More Leads

Website Redesign

We design websites that grow and create an identity. Our focus is on visitor's needs and insights gathered from your current site.

Improved User Experience

Better UX allows visitors to stay on the page for a while. It also helps reducing bounce rate and better search engine visibility. We make sure your visitors reach vital pages with fewer clicks.

Better On-page SEO

SEO is here to stay. Hence your website needs to be search engine ready. We take care of technical SEO and make sure that it has a positive impact on search engine rankings.

Current Website's Audit

A detailed report highlights your existing website's pros and cons. It helps to make your decisions simple.

Enhanced System to Update Content

Updating the website's content is real trouble post website development. With WordPress CMS, we make it easy for you to update the content easily within minutes.

Most used CMS of the World

WordPress Development

With more than 8 years of experience in website design & development, Salt Technologies offers custom WordPress development services worldwide.

Robust Content Management System

With a WordPress website, managing your page copy, blog posts, case studies is easy. You can make simple changes such as editing a paragraph to complex ones such as adding a form with ease.

Customized Development

Massive ready-made templates come with many issues. We follow the "custom development only" approach to develop your website. It makes your site scalable.

Built on Modern Platform

WordPress is by far the most popular platform for building websites. The worldwide community makes it even easier to tackle challenges during development.

Drag and Drop Page Builder

Customers often struggle to build new pages using existing page layouts. We develop your website using drag and drop builder. It allows you to see the page while you edit it.

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Preserve your Brand Value

Enterprise Website Development

Enterprise businesses require agility in a team, a strategic approach, and the right technical skillset. We have these characteristics to deliver exceptional results.

Highly Scalable

It's an ability to handle the workload and resources while keeping the website intact. Websites that are not scalable can not handle heavy traffic. We make sure your website is scalable and can tackle the workload.

Impeccable Performance

Efficient performance is a must. More than 60% of consumers expect to load the website in less than 3-4 seconds. We take performance seriously and ensure your site uses the least resources and still serves the purpose.

Professional Support

There's always a great responsibility associated with working on enterprise websites. Our team is still ready to help you in case of any emergency or urgent request.

Work with a Flexible Team

Agility is essential for working on big websites. We work with you as an extended team to ensure the site is always up and functions as intended.

Fast Loading Websites for High ROI

Product Website Development

You will lose the prospect if the website fails to explain what your product does. We help you generate more sales using user-driven design and functionality.

Smart Call to Actions

Keeping visitors engaged on the website is essential. It helps increasing page duration and reduces the bounce rate. Our UX process makes visitor's engagement better with an intuitive call to action.

Funneled Enquiry Forms

The real delight is, let the visitor send an inquiry from the product or feature page itself. And you already know for which product the requirement has been sent.

Manage Subscribers' List

If you can't retarget your visitors by sending opt-in emails, you will lose many opportunities. We build a small integration that collects email addresses and passes them to an email marketing tool.

Performance Optimized

The visitor will leave the site if it fails to load within 3-4 seconds. No matter how good your product is. We make sure that your website's performance is optimized.