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Why you should think about website redesign in 2021?

Do you believe that your website is your salesperson?

I believe so. And the reason behind this is, your website is your brand’s face value.

Whenever someone comes on your website, it should showcase your services or product offerings just like any salesperson would do in the sales meeting.

Similarly, as you train your salesperson, you need to invest time to make your website ready for your visitors and measure its performance.

Always remember, your website is the backbone of your digital marketing campaign.

website redesign is not a simple job to execute. It requires planning and a thoughtful approach.

It is not about making the user interface to change or makeover of the current content; however, it also needs to revalidate all the website’s functions.

Total exercise can help to bring a better User experience altogether.

We believe that website is not a one-stop-shop activity. Therefore, it needs continuous improvement and ongoing development to ensure it continues to deliver the right results and attract visitors.

When you start measuring your website’s performance, you might identify some specific problems with your current website.

For example-

  1. Your website is experienced a slow page low time.
  2. The bounce rate is significantly higher.
  3. Your customers are having difficulty accessing your website on their mobile devices.

Problems like these may hinder the experience of your website, and you could lose the possible opportunities.

In this blog, we will discuss similar problems that answerwhy you should think about redesigning your website.

Your business’s size does not matter; a weak website can be a showstopper to gain more customers.

In our recent exercise, we have collected around 12 points, which can be used as a checklist to identify the issues. We will try and explore some of those in this blog.

Download our original checklist of“Is your Website Smart?”

Your website’s messaging is not right.


Effective communication is the key to your website’s success

Your visitor will leave your website if he doesn’t find the information he is looking for within the first three to four seconds.

Your website should communicate with your visitors. It is the foundation for a positive user experience.

Be it an e-commerce website, blog, or portfolio website, or informative website of a company, it is the need to convey the right message to your website visitors.

Many times, it has seen that website owners get confused with website design and its message. The message gets overlooked, and the design gets the first preference.

The ideal scenario is the design and message both need to go hand-in-hand. Hence, the design team should work cohesively with the content and marketing team.

What should you communicate with visitors?

It is one of the critical steps to make visitors stay on your website.

Answer to these questions may not be straightforward; however, here are some basics which you can follow:

  1. Define the exact purpose of your website and your company
  2. Write your offerings in such a way that it should be clear at first glance
  3. Write benefits over features
  4. Define clear actions that visitors can take

See if you can come up with these points, and you will get an idea of what actual messaging means.

At Salt Technologies, we have experts who can write out website content strategies to help form the right messaging.

Your website’s navigation is a challenge.


A sitemap is the foundation of good navigation

When a visitor browses your website, they should be able to navigate to pages easily.

Usually, visitors use the website’s menu to see what do you have to offer. If the navigation is poor, your visitor will struggle to find the information, leave your website, and start finding others.

It is the time when you need to revalidate your website’s navigation by testing it with a closed group of people.

Try testing with your friends and family members, and see how they are reacting to it.

If they’re having a lot of trouble understanding and navigating using the menu, you should consider a website redesign.

Another technique is to install the heat map tool on your website and observe visitors’ activities.

Our website redesign process has the first step as creating a sitemap.> A sitemap is the foundation of good navigation. It also helps in a better user experience.

Our team studies your existing website and your competitors to come up with information architecture.

It helps us understand our essential menu items and what will come under every one of them.

Your website is not loading quickly.


A slow loading website is an obstacle to make your business successful.

Website visitors these days want to access the information quickly and easily.

According to the survey, the average time visitors spend on a website is less than 2 to 3 minutes.

And the visitor only stays for such a prolonged duration when the pages load quickly.

There are multiple reasons why your website is slow. It could be because of Hosting configuration, our server optimization, or the development approach.

In any of these cases, you should act fast and start fixing those issues.

Remember, a slow loading website will take away visitors, and it will have adverse effects on your search results.

It does not matter how interactive your current website is. If it does not load in a few seconds, it is of no use.

You can use tools like GT Metrix , Google Page Speed, or Pingdom to test your website speed.

Considering website redesign will allow you to start afresh and focus on these nuances from the beginning.

Your website is not optimized for mobile.


Users need to pinch in and out when the website is not responsive

Mobile-first is the approach used by a modern-day user.

If your website is not 100% functional and accessible on your phone, you will likely lose those visitors.

According to statistics, the number of mobile visitors has been increased exponentially in the last few years.

This means they are likely to use their phone’s browser to perform various searches.

And they will stay on your website only if it is responsive.> Non-responsive websites affect your SEO score.

Suppose you feel that your current website is not mobile-friendly. In that case, it is undoubtedly a time to think about a website redesign.

While we do a website redesign project, we create a separate mobile design and ask them to provide approval.

It makes our clients assured that their website is going to be responsive.

Your website’s content is not engaging.

Your-Content-I S-Not-Engaging

Your content, if not used at the right place creates confusion.

Those days were gone when website owners write the content only for their services, product offerings, and necessary company information.

These days, visitors want to work with such companies who understand their problems.

Digital marketers know that creating engaging content is the foundation for generating sales and gaining more visitors to a website.

It also helps in ranking better on search engines.

If you are struggling to get engaging content, it is a sign of revisiting your content strategy.

And it makes sense to revisit the website design as well if you are working on content strategy.

Otherwise, it will take time and resources to fit the new content in the existing design.

Always remember an engaging content will only work if it is used in the right places.

If you are planning to have a new content strategy, consider website design as well.

You cannot maintain your website.


Keep maintaining your website before it breaks down

Like I already mentioned, the website is not a one-stop-shop thing. It always needs regular maintenance of used plug-ins, the content, and it’s security and performance.

If you’re not able to manage content, it is undoubtedly a time for you to think about a website redesign.

Because your visitors and search engines expect you to regularly update your content, failing this will result in less traffic and low rankings.

An intruder can easily take control of your site if it is not secure.

We use the WordPress CMS to build our client’s websites.

Our job does not end here. We maintain it every month and send a monthly report.

Leads are not flowing on your website.


Website’s performance directly impacts your lead count

The primary reason for having a website is to generate a fair amount of leads. That’s concerning if your website fails to do so.

There could be ample reasons why your website is not getting leads. A few of them could be slow page loads, not engaging content; visitors are concerned about the website’s security.

All these problems can be solved using a website redesign strategy.

Your website is not solving business objectives.


The website is meaningless if it does not fulfil business targets

It is the most straightforward answer for redesigning a website.

Your website’s user experience may be useful. Everything seems to be running fine; however, it will be of no use if it does not meet your objectives.

A good starting point Could be to write down all of your business objectives and study each of them.

Once you gather your findings, you can share them with a website development company.

Let them study objectives and plan a complete redesign project.


You should not hesitate to go for a website redesign solution, even if it takes resources and money because the outcome will be humongous. It will make your website successful.

A website redesign can help you in the following ways:

  • Reduced bounce rate
  • Better search engine rankings
  • A sustainable user experience
  • Compelling Content Strategy and User Engagement
  • Fast page loads
  • Top-notch security

Remember that your website is the mode of communication between you and your visitors.

You can reach out to us for your existing website review or website redesign project.

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