Gore rang pe na itna guman kar..gora rang do din mein dhaal jaega… goes the lines of a famous Bollywood song.. even so, the beliefs continue to be orthodox!!

In ancient India the dark skin had a preference over the light one. Lord Krishna & Lord Rama both had colored skins,  and were considered the epitome of male beauty. Their color definitely was of no concern to their disciples. But this has changed with the changing times!  All this started after the Brits ruled us! They were capable of influencing our thinking in a lot many ways. One of them being, having a fair skin is the only way one can be beautiful.  Even if we were successful in sending them back from our country, we still believe in their beliefs. Our insecurities got the best of us! We are not ready to get over these notions and have an approach of our own.

In India the markets are flooded with “fairness creams”. It is a common mentality here to relate fair with beautiful or  good looking and thus there is large demand of these products, which practically are of no use! I have never seen any person getting nikhaar in just saath din!  They don’t really add up to your beauty nor do they make you fair. Even though there is nothing wrong in using these fairness creams, it is irrelevant to give it unnecessary importance for a better career or a better life partner, as shown in the promotional campaigns of these products. And if this is not enough all the Chahchis, Buas, Dadis and Nanis always have their gharelu nuskas waiting for you!  

Fair Lovely
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Ironically, in the Indian society being fair is the primary necessity to get married rather than knowing how  he/she is as a person! It all starts with the parents wanting fair, slim and good looking brides for their sons. These days even the matrimony sites have a separate column asking the color of the prospective brides or the grooms! As if the whole process was not weird enough already.. pfff!!

Let alone girls, nowadays it’s FAIR & HANDSOME as well! The boys also want to be fair & handsome, for reasons best known to them. Don’t know what went wrong with Tall, Dark & Handsome! The line of Boys queuing up at a Beauty clinic is getting longer, Ironically.

Another factor contributing to this orthodox thinking is the Indian Television and also Bollywood movies to an extent. Everyone is idolizing the flawless and ever covered with make-up heroines and the heroes with the chiseled body! The kids this generation are not ready to compromise on anything but the best! They want flawless skins, fairer skin tones and abnormally “perfect” bodies, just like there on screen idols!

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We are always talking about how Indians are victim of Racism in foreign countries, but hello, what are we really doing here! We are also judging people by their color, caste, size or shape!  There are advertisements showing how you cannot get the guy/ girl or a job you want just because you are dark skinned, pimple faced or fat! It’s high time we realize its irrelevance and put it behind us. We need to respect the fact that talent comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. We are  having a burning examples like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Rajnikanth, Dhanraj Pillai, Dhanush, Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra, Nandita Das,  so on and so forth. These people have time , and again, proven that talent is what makes you who you are and not your color or caste. It is their talent and their contribution to their field that is always spoken of and not what their color or race is/was!

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If the above article disturbs you, the next part is sure to shatter you! You know there is something terribly wrong with the society  when you see kids choosing white dolls over the darker ones. There are studies and researches conducted, which show that kids judge the people or fellow kids on the basis of their color. They have a notion that white people are better than the darker ones.  A scary and disturbing sight indeed! But we all know where it is actually coming from, its us, parents & teachers!  To back my statement here is a video which can be an eye opener..

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As they say ‘charity begins at home’, we need to stop relating beauty to a particular aspect. We need to curb our obsession over having a fair skin or a painfully lean body! After all “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart