Do you know

What are your Business Objectives

When planning a new website, you might look at other websites for ideas and features. However, graphics and features should not be the start. It would help if you first list down your goals and objectives for the site.

Increase Brand Awareness

This goals is to understand how well your website is connecting users about your new service or product when you are not selling them online.

Manage Website's Content Easily

The content creators should have right set of tools and documentation ready while they update content. WordPress CMS and our custom development makes your life easy.

Generate Qualified Leads

The more the visitor stays on your website, it is likely that it will convert. Our roadmap consists of several lead generation methods that increase visitor's duration and nurture them using helpful content.

Are you struggling with
slow, visually weak and less secured website?

How you benefit from building website?

We truly believe that a website should solve its business objective. Our process is built around the same thought process, solving real problems! Take a look at few of our benefits.

Engaging Customer Experience

Users want things to be easy and clear. They leave your website, when it is confusing, Our in-depth analysis and strategy help teams to build engaging user experience.

Flexible Approach

Website is never a one-stop-shop thing. We understand that the roadmap can not be achieved in a single phase. Our adaptive approach allows us to digest almost all type of your needs.

A Central Ecosystem for Content

Having helpful content and manage it using the website's CMS is the primary requirement. We build an ecosystem of content for easy management.

Peace of Mind

Since all your technical burden of building and maintaining a business website is offloaded to us, you can focus on things that actually matter for doing good business.

Why Salt for your next website project?

Since 2018 onwards, we have developed more than 60% of websites. This has given an amazing shift and growth to their businesses. Also, it has helped streamline our processes and build a sustainable solution.

8+ Years in Business

We have worked with around 100+ customers and delivered around 500 websites. It only helped us improve ourselves and methods.

Focus on Solving Problems

We strongly believe that anyone visits a website is finding a solution to their problem. And the website should do that. We try and solve such problems using our techniques.

Work as Team not as Vendors

We partner with our customer's team and take over their entire technical stack with marketing. Our adaptive approach and process allows us to be a part of your team.

Research-driven Consulting

Before starting with actual redesign activity, our analysts perform data-backed analysis of your competitors, current website to build a strategy. It helps to form an agenda.

Tested Process

Every project we worked on has taught us something. We gathered and created a robust process which has the power to deliver your project successfully.

Deliverables for Every Phase

A winning website is a bi-product of winning strategy and process. Hence we share documents and links as part of our delivery so that it won't come to you as surprise.

Process for Building a Website

Salt's website development approach has been tested and fine-tuned over these years. Worked with 100+ happy customers for their website projects.

Understand you and your users

We start the project by understanding your requirements. We spend time analysing your competitor's and reference websites to understand what we can use as an inspiration.

Build a strategy and execution plan

Strategy arranges scope, content and features with business objectives. Based on strategy, our project coordinator create an execution plan.

Develop, QA and Launch

Our teams then follow the project plan to meet the deadlines. Every page or feature we build goes in strong QA process to make sure delivery is as expected.