Get your web application built by experts

The web application has a different purpose. It has to perform seamlessly and handle thousands of parallel users. We have a team of experts that enhance the application regularly and maintains it to deliver exceptional results.

Productivity soars when a computer and its users interact at a pace that ensures that neither has to wait on the other.– Doherty Threshold

Scalable Web Application

Laravel is based on the MVC framework. It can keep the front-end and back-end of the application separate. These features allow our developer to scale the application at any given point in time.

Hosted on Fast and Secured Server

Since there is a lot that goes into the web app, security becomes essential. We use the world's great platforms to host your website to manage the speed and safety at an optimum level.

Custom Made

We do not use any ready-made kits to build your application. Detailed analysis and requirement documents are created to understand your scope. A systematic project plan is made for better clarity.

Works on all Leading Browsers

It is essential to build compatibility for all browsers so that your application can work seamlessly. Our team takes care of this and makes sure that your web application support all the leading browsers.


Features that help your web application succeed

Salt Technologies has over seven years of experience in building scalable web applications. These features help in creating a sustainable web application for you.

Why choose Salt for your web application?

Our motto is to help our customers in succeeding online. With these benefits, we keep our promise. Also, we have a team of experts who think critically and make robust web applications.

No Software Cost

Laravel is an Open Source software. Hence you do not have to purchase it, and it is free of cost to download and start using it.

Scale You Application Anytime

Since Laraval is built using the MVC framework, the code is stored in a structured way. These structures and patterns allow us to customize your application and scale when needed.

No Infrastructure Management

We host and manage your web application and store its data on the cloud server. Our infrastructure team addresses the issues related to the server, which saves your time and cost.

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Technology stack to build a successful web application

We have researched and used many technologies. It helped us select the ones which are an excellent fit for your web application.

Laravel- MVC Framework

It is web application MVC based, an OpenSource framework. Its structure, ecosystem, and vast community make the most powerful web technology.

Bootstrap- Responsive Framework

Quickly make websites and web applications responsive. It is world's most popular front-end open source foundation.

HTML5 and CSS3

These are the foundation of any web-related development. We have experienced developers who have the skillset to achieve more with minimal code.

Less and Saas

These are CSS preprocessors that make styling your HTML pages more comfortable and more efficient. The CSS code becomes more straightforward and object-oriented.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ask us anything related to the web application by sending an email to

Is Laravel different than PHP?

Laraval is PHP based MVC framework, whereas PHP is a web programming language. Due to the need for flexibility and more control over an application, Laravel is the preferred option over PHP.

What about post-production support that is needed after the application is live?

We have six months of free support available after your application goes live. Post then, you can either go with our website care plan or progressive model.

Is Laravel free to use?

Yes, it is free for use and comes with an open-source MIT license. However, the application hosting cost and other supportive tools may have their costs.

How much it usually cost to build a web application using Laravel?

There is no straight answer to this question as it depends on your requirement. If you want to know the estimated cost for your web application, please share your RFP at, and someone from our team will get in touch with you.