How to manage and scale the web app?

Building a web application is never a one time job. Many areas need continuous monitoring and maintenance. We understood and have come up with a solution that lets you manage, scale, and perform incremental changes to your application.

Great web design without functionality is like a sports car with no engine.– Paul Cookson

Flexible Team

What if your application stops working? We have a dedicated and talented team work with you to solve such sudden issues.

Experienced Project Co-ordination

Web application needs management and technical expertise. We are proficient in managing complex web applications, so the project remains on track.

Incremental Enhancements

We believe that enhancements can be planned well in advance. We maintain a backlog and estimate work on every change request to provide clarity.

Robust Architecture

A robust architecture is the backbone of any web application. We have the right technique, algorithms, and infrastructure ready to make application rigid.

Custom WordPress Development

Your website needs to convert visitors into prospects. Building a custom website that loads quickly and built for your users can win the race.

Built using Robust Theme

The foundation of the website should be strong. It enables us to build incremental functions over it. WP themes like OceanWP give us a solid base where we can create any features of your need.

Highly Secured and Loads Quickly

Weak or no security can ruin your online presence. Our standard processes ensure that we have a precise security mechanism and optimization in place.

100% Responsive

Non-responsive websites are unlikely to get excellent search engine visibility. We believe that sites are for conversions. And hence our team creates a website that is compatible with all standard resolutions.

Made for Your Users

Your website is for your users and not for you. We analyze your user's behaviour and apply techniques that make them hook to your services or products.

eCommerce Website Development

We develop websites that generate more sales using user-focused design and functionality.

Effortless Shopping Experience

Slow page speed, weak copy, and non-useful search function create a wrong impression. We make sure that your visitors get a seamless shopping experience.

Simple CMS

Painful product management can lead to misleading or out-of-date information. We keep our CMS and its management straight forward so that you can focus more on selling than managing.

Built on Popular Platform

It is always safe and better to rely on leading platforms rather than experimenting with new ones. We use Woocommerce, which is the world's most used eCommerce extension that comes with WordPress.

Mobile Friendly

Shoppers these days use their mobile phones to browse and make a purchase. Websites with good experience on phones win the game. We design your website with a "mobile-first" approach.

WordPress Theme Development

Building a custom theme for your website is the ultimate solution. It creates a solid foundation to scale in the future.

Control Flexibility

When you build your theme from scratch, you have a complete hold on what can be developed and where the plugin can be used.

Customize Anything Anytime

With WordPress, there are many plugins available for almost every function you require. We can customize these plugins to deliver the functionality you want.

Experienced Professionals

WordPress themes can create several issues if not developed using standards set. We have more than seven years of experience in developing these themes.

Dedicated Support

Post-production support is paramount in any industry. We are always there you help you anytime when you need us.

Custom Web Applications (Laravel)

Whether it is a sophisticated content flow website or a massive traffic eCommerce website, our talented team can develop a scalable application.

MVC Architecture

It supports rapid and faster parallel development. Due to this approach, the front- and backend developer can work at the same time. It reduces the time required to complete the development.

SEO Friendly Development

Applications developed using Laravel can make the pages SEO ready. SEO ready URLs, the addition of meta content, etc. can be easily managed.

Highly Customizable and Scalable

Since all the development happens from scratch, you can plan your big project into small pieces. Due to it's scalability, you don't have to go live with all features in one go.

API Driven

You can have functions called using API requests. It allows you to keep a singleton database, giving a call to your web application and phone app.