Our website audit sets the right priorities

Your website needs to be updated with the latest versions, techniques, and user-friendly to achieve growth. We review your website using our standard checklist and create a detailed report with relevant insights.

Your website is the window of your business. Keep it fresh, keep it exciting.– Jay Conrad Levinson

Comprehensive Study of your Website

Our pre-defined standard checklist allows us to validate each critical element contributing to the website's success.

Clear Reports

Our report document is self-explanatory with systematic indices that contain detailed descriptions of the issues we logged in and suggestions to improve them.

Quick Turn Around Time

Lightning responses are one of our USP, and our team has a strong belief in ours' core value. We usually need a maximum of 5 working days to create yours.

Dedicated Walkthough

We don't just send you the report. Our audit experts set up a dedicated walkthrough call with your team to make sure they understand the insights mentioned.


Work smarter with our smart website audit

Expect absolute clarity on what's working and what's not with our audit experts' help.

Is your website performing the right way?

It is essential to get your websites checked by using an audit tool or an expert due to content changes happening in the way technology is operating. Explore our features of auditing.

Page Speed and Performance

Your website's page load time and its overall performance determine your ranking in SERPs. We analyze your website's speed and come up with a way to improve it.

User Experience

It is the primary element of your website's success. The typography, section placements, call to action, and many areas like these define UX. We validate the complete website and provide you with feedback on such areas to improve your UX.

SEO Analysis

Since SEO gets you business, your website must be SEO friendly. We scan your site and identify areas where SEO needs improvement or is missing.

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The four-step process to get clarity

Our simplified and systematic methods make the complete audit process seamless and self- explanatory.

Understand Your Agenda

We don't just create a standalone report. We first understand your agenda, your goal behind this audit activity, perform our research, collect the insights, and consolidate all the information.

Generate Smart Report

Our strategists create a compelling report document after thoughtful research. It includes the problem statement and the data compared with industry standards followed by recommendations.

Analyse Your Website

Performing a detailed study of your website is an essential part of our trusted process. It gives us enough points to build an audit report.

Conduct Walkthough

Though our document is self-explanatory, discussion helps understand the critical areas of the report. Our expert set up a walkthrough call with you to review the report and discuss the next steps.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find out all answers to the questions about website audit, our service model etc. If you don't get your answers here, drop us an email at sales@salttechno.com.

Do you have any estimate to generate a website audit report?

It usually depends on the size of the website. However, our audit experts create these reports within a week.

What is the use of a website audit?

A site audit helps you identify the issues in your website and suggestions to solve them. It also an entry point to create a strategy or roadmap.

How much does it cost?

Prices are dependent on the size of your site. An audit report of small websites starts from USD 500 onwards.

What a website audit report consists of?

We cover comprehensive website testing, speed and performance, technical SEO, and high-level content health check.