Why content is king?

Great content drives leads, more purchases, and helps in brand recognition. However, every content generated does not have a value to achieve the maximum. It requires a strategic approach, adaptation, and consistency.

Ultimately, users visit your website for its content. Everything else is just the backdrop.– Jakob Nielsen

Collaborative Approach

Researching content ideas and getting it written from your team is a challenging task. We blend this duo in a seamless way and frame it the best way we can.

Follow the inisghts and not instincts

We heavily rely on data. You don't know which content piece will get you the results. However, we should be ready with our learnings from the past whenever we plan for the next strategy.

Regular Reports

Our monthly reports makes us perform a quick health check on our past campaigns. We analyse what's working and what's not.

Create Brand Awareness

Your brand is the most important thing. Compelling content can attract a targeted audience and drive revenue. However, it takes time, and hence it is part of our ongoing strategy.

Content that Works

We let your content speak and do the job

Content marketing requires a clear plan and supporting valuable information. Our experts help you build a steady stream of content to get the job done.

Features that make your content marketing stronger

People search on search engines when they are looking for something. And what if they get hooked to your content piece? With useful features listed below, we make your content stand out from the crowd.

Works with SEO Team

We closely work with our in-house SEO team to make sure we use the right keywords while producing our content. This helps in SERPs.

Competitor's Analysis

There's no point in planning the strategy without knowing what your competitor is doing. We dig into their content and analyze what's working for them.

Find Content Ideas

We research various content pieces people are creating. With an analysis of which content is working and generating good traffic, we evaluate the possibility of creating similar content.

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Our Content Marketing Services

Not sure what do we exactly provide as part of content marketing? We provide services listed below. Please speak to our content strategist to learn more about our services.

Content Plan

We execute all of our content marketing projects with a custom strategy for your visitors, your business objectives.

Content Optimization

All your content then gets verified under SEO checks to make sure it is search engine friendly.

Content Creation and Development

We then build a monthly editorial plan that contains dates and content types to develop in a month. Our team works with you to make these content pieces.

Content Reports

We also share comprehensive and easy reports which show our content performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions related to Content Marketing, strategy are answered here. If you have any more to ask, please send us an email at sales@salttechno.com.

What is Content Marketing?

It is a new age marketing strategy to promote and produce useful content for your customers and prospects. It helps your business generate new leads and nurture them to stay in contact with the latest updates, trends, product or service launches, etc.

Which types of businesses can avail of this service?

It is useful for all types of businesses. Small, Mid, and Large scale enterprises can take full advantage of this marketing technique.

What are the content types used for content marketing?

Most marketers create blog posts, case studies, whitepapers, datasheets, webinars, etc.

Is content marketing capable enough to generate leads?

With the right strategy and its execution, content marketing helps you generate consistent lead flow. Businesses use blogs and other items such as case studies, whitepapers as lead magnets.

How much content should my business generate?

It all depends on the strategy, the target audience, and your business type. An eCommerce brand may create small snippets of products daily, while a B2B enterprise may go with lengthy content once every month. Hence, frequency is dependant on the strategy that is built.

How is your reporting work?

We do create a monthly report of what has happened along with all necessary metrics. It gives you good clarity on where we are heading.