The race to standout in the competition

A big balloon of marketing messages surrounds audiences. Every brand wants to do its best to stand out from the crowd. We believe that the brand must focus more on conversions rather than general-purpose marketing. It brings more loyal customers and excellent ROI. Salt Technologies uses our marketing experience, technical skillset, and creative thought process to develop practical strategies and execute them.

Everybody thinks their website is above average.– Matt Cutts

Customer Focused SEO

Search Engine algorithms change fast. It has not remained limited to search engines. Our SEO analysts gather insights from real users and plan their strategies accordingly.

Monthly Reports

In order to understand the progress done in a specific month, we do create a report and walk you through it every month. It gives you clarity about the current state and the next steps.

Data Driven Strategies

You are not always sure about how your content will perform. However, it would be best if you learned from the data gathered. Our team does the same. They observe, digest, and learn from the data collected and plan their next move.

Dedicated Team

Since there are multiple skill sets involved, our team creates a schedule with plans and dependencies. It gives them clarity. They work as a team and put sincere efforts to deliver the results.

Search Engine Optimization

Bringing the user intent, content, and experience together to deliver sustained results.

In-depth Keyword Research

Keyword research gives us phrases users are searching along with its volume. It gives us user intent and direction to come up with content ideas.

Competitor's Analysis

Just like finding our right keyword is essential, knowing what our competitor is doing gives more clarity. It helps us to understand which keywords they are ranking and what strategies they have used.

UX Centric SEO

SEO is not about arranging keywords in your content. It is a science of understanding the user, their needs, and curate compelling content. We care about customer experience and plan our strategy.

Evolve with Change

Search engine algorithms change all the time. If your SEO strategy does not adopt the changes, you will likely get out of the competition. We keep our knowledge updated regular basis and use it to make our customers succeed.

Multi Platform Experience

Social media channels are evolving day by day. Lack of experience on an emerging platform will stop us from reaching the potential. Our team has an adaptive nature to learn new updates and techniques.

Content Driven Marketing

We believe that visitor engagement is based on the content and not only its UI. We focus more on content that has the command to keep the user engaged and drives them.

Insightful Decision Making

Executing marketing strategies without learning from insights is effort wasted. We learn from the data gathered and make edits to the next set of posts.

Strategized Approach

Your investment will not deliver ROI as expected if there is no plan. An impactful social media strategy help building the pipeline and produce results.

Email Marketing

We help you manage your email campaigns and make sure that your emails do not get in spam folders. We guide you in writing email content to encourage your prospect to purchase your product or signup for your service.

Responsive Email Designs

Email Marketing is one of the purest forms of digital marketing strategies. It can deliver results if done the right way. Since the emails are read on phones, we design the template keeping phone users in mind.

Compelling Content

Email's click rate is dependent on its content quality—the more engaging content, the prospects likely to click on the links. Using our experience, we guide you to write an email copy and suggest value additions.

Engaging CTAs

Email marketing usually executed to engage prospects to take action. A weak call-to-action can not do this. Writing engaging call-to-action captions let the user click on and explore your offerings.

Highest ROI Technique

Email marketing is here to stay. No matter how many emails you receive daily, you get hooked to a few of those who have good opening titles and have something good to offer. With this thought, we invest and improve ourselves in this technique to deliver exceptional results.

Content Marketing

Good content marketing brings more value to the brand. However, every content you write does not succeed in today's crowded digital world. We strategize and market your content to the world to generate better ROI.

Collaborative Approach

We know that generating quality content requires in-depth expertise in the subject, which is impossible in days or months. Hence we do collaborate with your team, understand their thought process, and tweak the copies to make it web-ready and engaging.

Data Driven

Learning from the data is important if you want to get succeed online. Everytime we market any content piece, we make sure that mistakes from the past are not repeated here and carried the best practises.

Engaging Content Creation Plan

Without a systematic plan, you can not achieve the desired results. We develop a monthly chart for creating different content and schedule them to share with larger audiences.

Aggressive Promotions

The challenge is to reach out to the right set of people on the right digital platform. Without experience and tools, it isn't easy to achieve. We help you close this gap. Our experienced team tries to make the most of your ad spend.