Perhaps the greatest challenge for any website design company is to have its web developers at per with the latest trends in web design. It’s a dynamic and competitive world that is constantly bombarded with fresh innovations every day. Web design trends however are like fads; they come and go, but they can not afford to be overlooked by any website design company, therefore it’s imperative that its web developers should keep up with the evolving concepts.

Here are 6 of the latest web design trends in 2014:

  1. Bold Typography

Many websites are now using even bigger and bolder fonts to increase their readers’ attention. The main is idea is to communicate as much as they can in the shortest time possible. They easily catch the readers’ eye and highlight the company’s products. Combining them with colors, pictures and contrasting color backgrounds effectively will also leave a lasting impression.


  1. Retina Graphics

This is a web design trend that supports high image resolution for LCD Apple users. This happens automatically when your users visit your website, the retina will scan on each image to see if there is a high-resolution version of it on your server. If a high-resolution alternative exists, then it will switch to it.This high pixel density  gives your users the ultimate visual experience.


  1. Single-paged sites

One- page sites are another hailed web design trend. A website is able to contain all its content in just one cohesive page giving the user an interrupted flow of information. It saves time as the user is straight-forwardly directed to their selected content shred from the navigation bar at the top.


  1. CSS Image Opacity

CSS, Cascading Style Sheets is a technique commonly used by web developers to make the background details of a website which may be photos or texts to be less apparent, in comparison to the main information. This feature is appealing to the reader and also allows web developers to maximize on all their creative resources.


  1. Responsive Layouts

This is an essential popular trend in website design. Since the last decade has seen a radical increase in the use of smartphones and tablets, then web developers have to design their websites in a way that is easier for its users to maneuver; They should be mobile- friendly, easy to read, zoom and navigate. A simple adjustable website will not only encourage user-interest, but it will also make it a memorable experience.


  1. Infinite Scrolling

Also known as Idle loading, it’s a common web design trick used by social media to keep their users locked to their websites. It allows users to go through content solely by scrolling instead of clicking on page links. This technique ensures that content is automatically generated and always ready which excludes the need to click and reload more page links. It is content-oriented and saves time.



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