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Job Description

Accounting activities

1) Preparing invoices for our clients as and when it is needed.

2) Preparing for Cheques and entry into accounting systems.

3) Follow up with clients for regular and overdue payments.

4) Record day to day expense vouchers, payment & receipts in the accounting systems.

5) Verification of bank statements and cash book for maintaining reconciliation reports.

6) Maintaining all accounts payable reports, spreadsheets etc.

7) Verify accuracy of invoices and other accounting documents

or records.

8) Assist with Monthly, Quarterly and Year End financial tasks and audits like service tax, TDS, Bank reconciliation etc

MIS activities

1. Study and analyze the feedback from clients on a regular basis.

2. Give inputs on the campaign performance to optimize the quality of client service from our side.

3. Prepare Daily Lead reports.

4. Send Lead quality feedback to vendors regularly.

5. Monitor Target vs Achievement status of each and every client.

6. Prepare and send monthly lead delivery reports to clients.

Job Type: Full-time

Job Features

Job Category1 year Experience , Accounts Executive , Full Time
Job TypeFull Time
Job LocationBaner

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