Cricket is a competitive game bringing out the best and worst in us. News of players being harsh, aggressive, misconduct is always floating around. The aggressive nature of this do or die game is replicated in the attitude of players causing people to brand them. But, there are some who have successfully won the hearts of millions, specially women by just their amazing smiles.

With this in mind, i would like to present you the smiling 11…. cricketers with awesome  smiles and attitude to match it.

Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist the former Australian cricketer, is one of the most explosive batsman of the world. Apart from his batting style, his smile is also extremely popular. The smile that at times is naughty, innocent and expressive. With his smile he is ruling the hearts of millions. His existing fan club is a proof of the same.  


Brett Lee

This cute Australian bowler not only impressed us by his game but also won our hearts by his radiant smile. His enchanting smile is reflected in his voice also, after all it aided him to share screen space with the legendary singer Asha Bhosle for a video song. The video got many females drooling over him.


Darren Sammy

The first person from the island of St. Lucia to play international cricket, Darren Sammy is a West Indies player. His innocent boyish charm is reflected in his smile. His eyes reflect the honesty of his smile.Wooing people with his batting style or his smile is what this player is skilled at.


Dwayne Bravo

With players across the world playing in Indian grounds as a team for Indian Premium League (IPL), the  hidden talents of many international players have been exposed. Dwayne Bravo, the West Indies player is a plethora of hidden talents. He can sing, dance and charm. His smile on field or stage keeps the audience fascinated. Known for his all rounder entertainer image, Dwayne has charming persona which reflects in his smile.


Eoin Morgan

Since the age of 13, Eoin Morgan was focused on his goal of becoming a cricketer. Today as captain of England National team his goal has been achieved and he is gaining fame amongst the masses. His smile, a part of his charisma is a reflection of his calm and harmonious nature.  


George Bailey 

George Bailey, the Australian cricketer is known as destructive striker as he can change the game in a matter of overs. his persona is amplified by his cute smile,  for his opponents though his smile is just a disguise of his playing skills. A smile which is cute and innocent makes his overall persona alluring.


Kumar Sangakkara

Now this is a classic example of tall, dark and handsome. This Sri Lankan cricketer has given some splendid performances and got himself a place in the History of cricket. The one thing that doesn’t go unnoticeable is his vibrant and mesmerizing smile. His smile makes him elegant and ladies weak in the knees.


Makhaya Ntini

 Some smiles brighten the world for the people around it, Makhaya Ntini has just that one. Just a glimpse of this former South African player smiling will make a person feel happy and rejuvenated. When he smiles his joy is evident and it reaches to the viewers.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MSD)

The Mahi of Indian Cricket team has his own way of expression. His smile says it all. The most successful captain of the country MSD has been garnered a lot of laurels due to his Mr. cool and calm attitude. His simple and down to Earth attitude is evident in his innocent smile. his smile is a secret assassin, enchanting all.


Rahul Dravid 

The “Wall” of Indian Cricket team Rahul Dravid has a smile fit to combat all. Known for his consistency  as an excellent player at times of crisis his mesmerizing smile gives courage and faith to all. With his pleasant personality he is captivating the fans. He smiles from his heart which make women fall for him. 


Younis Khan 

To accept media criticism and work on it for self improvement,  is what the Pakistani cricketer Younis Khan strongly beliefs on. It takes strength and courage to say “If someone writes something good about me in the papers, I just read it once. However if someone writes something against me, I keep a cutting of that paper with me, as a motivator”. This courage and confidence is reflected in the sparkling smile of this cricketer. His smile clearly says “bring it on, I am ready” to all his foes and friends.

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